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39 Tips For Interacting With Your Social Media Fans

Written by Ryan O'Rorke of LoveOnlineDeals.com

Ryan O'Rorke, Entrepreneur & Founder of Search and Comparison website LoveOnlineDeal.com Gives His Tips On Using Social Media For Business.

Facebook as we know it is the almighty of social media, With something crazy like 800 Million active Facebook users it is becoming ever more important for businesses (big and small) to include social media within their advertising/marketing campaign. From my real life experience within the social world I have compiled a list below of ways that business owners can build, interact and engage with their social media fans and followers.

  • Post interesting status updates, always tell your fans what is going on.
  • Link personal profile to business page and suggest to your friends to like.
  • Custom profile picture with logo/motto/URL/call of action in.(Size= 180x540)
  • Use every bit of space available to you, all your info fields, about us section, description, use the lot.
  • Ask common interaction questions, Make them random, interesting, funny
  • Make use of the Custom apps/Tabs available to you.
  • Use a like to reveal tab. Give your fans something in return for liking your page.
  • Add LIKE box/social plug in links to website.
  • Use the photo slider at top of profile. You are allowed 5 pictures displayed of what you want, use this space wisely.
  • Always listen to your fans, remember – The customer (in this case FAN) is always right.
  • Use face book as the business page and comment on other pages using this profile.
  • Post videos to keep fans interested.
  • Face book ads and sponsored stories.
  • Invite friends, friends of friends, ask friends to invite friends, reach out to everyone!
  • Featured pages, ask other fan page owners to like your page and do the same for them.
  • Post face book fan page link when commenting on blogs, sending emails, in forums, on newsletters, promotional materials.
  • Create interesting contests for your fans and giveaway prizes.
  • Create events.
  • Use the mobile like feature.
  • Use hoot suite/ tweet deck to monitor performance and create social analytic reports.
  • Ask fans for feedback on website/business changes.
  • Make creative use of the photo tagging feature in Facebook.
  • Challenge your fans, ask them quiz questions.
  • Interact with your fans as if they were your friends (did you all have a good weekend).

  • Use twitters RSS feed to feed relevant content to your accounts.
  • Hoot suite has a schedule tweets feature which should be made use of.
  • Find similar twitter pages and follow their followers (twitter mining).
  • Use services like Tweinds (very low quality followers - not recommended).
  • Interact with everyone who follows you, show interest in their services.
  • Find business networking pages that help promote your business not theirs.
  • Make full use of the # (hash tags) when tweeting tweets.
  • Create an attractive profile with custom images around the sides.
  • Interact, interact and interact.

  • Introduce yourself and your business to each new group you join.
  • Post knowledgeable articles in relevant groups and link back to yourself
  • Use the questions and answer feature LinkedIn offers, Become an expert in your field and show others your knowledge.
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile with relevant links to your website/blog and other social accounts.
  • Use LinkedIn to create a specific group targeted towards your business niche.
  • Use social bookmarking sites on a regular basis, always link back to your business.

I hope these tips help; They are all based around real life experiences as I made a kind of dairy as I helped others with campaigns and compiled the content into a list. Overall whatever market you are in, be it the Online Deals market, or selling jelly beans in Australia, Social media is an extremely important factor for any business, big or small.

About Ryan O'Rorke

Ryan O'Rorke is a Business Minded Serial Internet Entrepreneur from Edinburgh and Founder of the Search and Comparison website for local daily deals, LoveOnlineDeals.com.


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