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Dare to be Different...

What do you do in your business to stand you out from the crowd? What could you do to be different – if only you dared to. And… if you dared – what kind of results could you get?
I love this example of daring to be different and standing out from the crowd – Brilliant. Just watch these short videos and think – what could you do differently.




Your marketing needs to stand you out from the crowd. You can’t just keep doing the same old thing and hope for better results. For things to change – you need to make the changes. What will you do with your sales and marketing efforts that sets you apart from anyone else?

Come on… I dare you.

Steve Clarke – Chief Sales Booster – Eureka Sales

About Steve Clarke

Steve Clarke is one of the UK’s leading experts on grassroots sales and marketing strategies. He has owned and operated business in the UK and USA. He has taken them from start up to stock market floatation. He helped grow his last UK business from scratch to £30 million in revenues in just 8 years. In 2005 the company was sold and he was able to retire at the age of 45. Now he spends much of his time working with business owners and entrepreneurs that want to achieve growth and success through improved sales and marketing.

Visit www.eurekasales.co.uk or call 0845 053 4937


Loved seeing this just what I needed at the start of the month ....am gonna blow this month open ...
like it thanks
great, like this post

Love it, all too often I see the same old, same old from competitors in my industry (not knocking them just an observation) but now is the time to begin to stand out from the crowd. Thanks for the inpsiration, who knowes some day I may even be able to afford you

Keep winning :)

    • Susan Aldridge likes this
Susan Aldridge
Nov 27 2012 01:55 PM
When the someday comes let me know and I'll work a great deal for you. I am more affordable than you think. I like to be competitive with pricing and I've earned alot of business by doing so. Thanks again!

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