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Running a Small Business? Optimise your Social Media Presence with these tips

Posted by rossfarnando1 , 04 September 2013 · 1,368 views

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People in the post-FB world check you out on Facebook soon after they have met you. Social settings are incomplete without a conversation about what you read on a friend’s Wall the other day, what games you’ve been playing, and what pictures you found interesting. That which began as a matter of sharing and staying in touch has now grown into a way of life for many people.

So why should businesses be any different?

In the competitive space of business today, it is all about finding the right people for your business and creating the right impression on them.

That’s where social media is like a windfall for small businesses, which do not usually have the resources to design and chase elaborate marketing campaigns. Social media works because it has this massive seal of approval from a billion-plus followers worldwide.

Read on to find out how you can make the most of the social media tools available to you.

Tap professional networks for professional contacts

While Facebook and Twitter both have a high personal element to them, networks such as LinkedIn are the domain of professionals.

It has become a standard practice for people to meet potential clients and for them to check out your LinkedIn profile immediately after. Businesses thrive on credibility and trust. And what better way for a new business acquaintance to gauge yours than to check out your professional profile?

Put your best foot forward with a well thought out profile on a good professional network so that those interested in you can learn about your experience, your work history, your business’s achievements, your clients, the recommendations you have received thus far, the skills you have been endorsed for, and the networks you are a part of. All of that will collectively create the kind of impression you would want to create on somebody you are exploring the chances of a possible partnership with. Also check out profiles of your clients to determine their credibility.

Join groups relevant to your line of business to find more contacts and potential clients and learn of industry gatherings and happenings. You also have a platform here to voice your opinion by way of starting threads and discussions, so take it. A well-articulated vision and take on your industry is what makes an industry leader. If you are able to do that you will find many worthy clients coming to you, instead of you having to chase them all the time. This is especially useful for b2b digital marketing companies.

All of this is available free of cost. As a small business looking to make it big in a competitive world, this is a golden platform and you should make the most of it.

Say it with pictures

If you happen to run a business that often relies on designs or photographs to get its point across, you must look to picture-sharing platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, flickr, etc. to present your case in the most convincing way. By uploading your portfolio onto these boards, you will be able to work with your clients, let them add their own ideas to your boards, provide you with feedback, etc.

It will allow others to gauge your strengths. Potential clients seeing this interaction are likely to be impressed with it, which will significantly improve your chances of gaining new business.

Stay on trend and relevant

Be active on social media so that you remain informed of the newest trends and happenings in your field. Knowledge is power, knowing how to capitalise on it is guaranteed success. Staying on trend will also let you stay relevant, and relevance is not something confined to fashion or technology businesses anymore. The times are changing fast and we need to keep up with them to stay in competition.

Stay in touch with old clients

Add each and every client or customer you have ever had to your social networks. That on its own will open up new possibilities for repeat business or deals bagged on a word-of-mouth basis from the contacts of your contacts.

Conclusion: There are many ways to capitalise on the social media, and with an even higher market penetration anticipated for them, the business opportunities to be gained via these networks will only increase. We hope the above suggestions have given you an idea or two on how to tweak your own approach to fully tap the tremendous potential of this medium. Business is all about visibility and reaching the right people. Doing it the right way via the right channels will significantly enhance your credibility and keep bringing people to you.

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