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A Must Do List for Every Small Business Owner

Posted by joanlavoie , in entrepreneur, small business 02 July 2013 · 1,127 views

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Staying organized in a fast paced business is nearly impossible, but to remain focused on goals it is essential. I’m in the business of factoring receivables and I’ve seen my fair share of businesses with problems.

Maintain a Focus on Performance

The best advice I ever received in my business career was, “maintain a focus on your goals”. That’s not always easy to do. Life is fast and business … well, that is faster! In my personal experience, I have found that a list helps not only helps you maintain focus, it also makes you feel better when you have completed a task and can cross it off the list. Below is a list that works for me. Yours will be different but create one that meets your needs and follow it for three weeks. I guarantee you results!

Ten Daily Tasks
  • Read an industry related article, white-paper or blog
  • Email two business associates that you haven’t heard from for a while
  • Speak to your team leaders and monitor progress on any assigned projects
  • Try to speak to all your employees each day on non-work related matters
  • Review your top three business growth goals (don’t have any? … create three!)
  • Choose one task that moves each of your three goals forward and complete them by the end of the workday
  • Review all social media accounts, respond as needed and post at least one new content item on each
  • Reach out to at least one established client with a personal thank you for their patronage
  • Find one employee to reward in some way; a thank you, a well-done, a gift card
  • Allow fifteen minutes of uninterrupted quiet-time to calm your mind and just day dream
These are the ten things I strive to do every day. Yes, occasionally some fall by the wayside, but I don’t allow that to happen very often. This has proven to be an effective means for me to stay focused on the important things in my business.

I encourage you to tailor the list to meet your business needs. Remember, these ten items are supposed to be things to do above and beyond your normal duties. Don’t try to make the list any longer because you won’t get through it every day and that will discourage you rather than lift you up. Besides, it is important that you get through the list each day. If you make it too long, that won’t happen.

I credit this concept with helping me grow my business and my self-esteem. It is a good feeling to look back on the day and know that, at the very least, these things were accomplished.

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