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Setting up your Business Circuit Blog

Posted by Business Circuit , 01 May 2012 · 20,446 views

Who can set up a blog on Business Circuit?

Business Circuit allows members to create their own personal blog on the businesscircuit.co.uk website.

Why is having a Business Circuit blog better than setting up a blog on my own website?

Having your blog on Businesscircuit.co.uk means that it will be seen by tens of thousands of Business Circuit members and social media subscribers from all across the U.K who regularly visit the site.

It gives you the opportunity to showcase yourself and your business to a wide audience right from your very first post, without having to go to all the time and effort of building traffic to your own website.

You will even get your very own RSS feed so that you can automatically broadcast all your new blog posts to your social media followers.

But don't worry: If you already have your own blog hosted elsewhere we will even let you link to it via our blogs page, so that you can drive traffic straight into your existing site!

Are there any restrictions to what can i blog about?

As long as you are not uploading any content considered to be offensive, abusive, or in violation of someone else's copyright you can blog about whatever you like. Although we would suggest you blog useful content that is related to your business to get the most benefit from the site.

So when can I start?

Right Away! Simply sign up free, and in a few seconds time you can be posting your very own blog.

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Away from Home
Jun 26 2012 08:27 PM
really cool!
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awesome guys i really do think businesscircuit is very helpfull thanks
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Innovo Consulting
Jul 10 2012 07:46 PM
The advice from businesscircuit is proving to be very valuable. Thank you.
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it's really wesome.
house for sale in Nottingham
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Just joined up guys - many thanks. http://www.consultan...ing.co.uk/blog/
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