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Create a Winning Twitter Profile

We all know that Twitter is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to raising awareness about your brand. Creating a great profile is a key element of attracting followers; After all, your profile page is usually the first and last thing people will see before making up their mind about whether or not to click follow, so you need to make the best impression that you can.
In this article I’ve set out the key areas to consider when setting up your profile, in order to help you maximise your results.

Profile picture

Having an engaging profile picture is absolutely essential. The worst thing that you can do is fail to upload a custom picture. Do NOT leave it as the default Twitter “egg”. Remember, your profile image will be displayed in your followers’ timelines every time you tweet, which makes it the most viewed aspect of your profile. As such it is important that your picture stands out, and uniquely identifies you. This means a good quality headshot for personal Twitter profiles, or a high resolution company logo for brand profiles.

Profile Bio

The bio is your chance to tell people visiting your profile who you are and what you do. Make sure that you use it wisely. You will want to include key points such as what you do, information about any awards etc that you’ve received, plus any relevant hashtags (as these will help your profile show up in searches). You can also use your bio to @mention other profiles. The information that you include here is not only crucial in terms of enticing people to click follow, but it also has a big impact on where you show up in Twitter searches. Make the most of it.

Background Image

Creating a custom Twitter background not only allows you to brand your profile to your business image, it’s also allows you to make use of the free space to the left of your Twitter feed. I would recommend that you keep to within an area of 200 pixels wide, as this area will remain visible at all modern screen resolutions. It’s an ideal place to include extra information that won’t fit in your bio section. For example, you could include details of other social media profiles such as Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. There are plenty of guides and templates our there to help you create a great Twitter background, it just takes a little bit of Googling.

Profile Name

This may seem like stating the obvious, but the name that you use is very important when it comes to appearing in searches, using both the Twitter search function and Google. Be sure to use the name that your customers know you by, with the correct spelling (don’t use abbreviations or nicknames).

So there you have it. Four very simple steps that will have a significant impact on your levels of engagement. Ignore them at your peril.
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